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Do you have fears that keep you from moving forward in life? While some fears are justified, sometimes fears can keep people repeatedly living out situations that they don't necessarily want to be a part of anymore. The idea of being stuck, being held in life due to an illusion in the mind can be released in hypnosis with Therapeutic Imagery.

Sometimes the fear is caused by judgments, fear of changes, fear of failing, fear of succeeding, and fear of the unknown (anxiety). No matter what the fear is, we can remove that obstacle in imagery and allow life to become more comfortable with new possibilities.

In this video, I answer a very common question about experiencing the benefits of hypnosis through an online session. If you watch some of my other videos, you'll see that hypnosis does not depend on your proximity to the hypnotist. In fact, hypnosis is something that happens in a matter differently than what most people think. When you have a hypnotherapy session you realize that you are actually getting out of the hypnosis that has been guiding your life with regard to what you believe and don't believe. You got into that hypnosis by life experiences, the people that are around you, the experiences you've had in life, and how your predispositions allowed you to interpret those events.

This video is about the Theory of Mind and it begins to explain suggestibility and hypersuggestibility. We all have heard of "comfort zones" and know that people tend to stay within them, this explains why. The Theory of mind was developed by Dr. Kappas, the founder of HMI, the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. This theory explains the development of the subconscious mind from the ages of 0-8, Critical Mind and the Conscious Mind and all the things that vie for attention in the conscious mind. This explains how hypnosis works and how hypersuggestibility is created through the environment and stressful factors.

In this video, Susana Padilla of Hypnosis Haven discusses the Theory of E & P, the Emotional and Physical suggestibility and sexuality as it is used to explain ways of understanding and living by Kappasinean Hypnotherapists.

This video explains more about the two types and how knowing this information about yourself can help you to better understand the world around you and why you respond or don't respond to the world as you do.

In this video, I go over what the first session is like and about Inductions. Inductions are the process of taking someone into hypnosis, inducing hypnosis. There are also physical tests that are done and then convert the clients into hypnosis. The levels of hypnosis I mention are Hypnoidal, Catalepsy, and Somnambulism. It's not about the "depth" that a person achieves in the session that matters, but rather the receptiveness to the suggestions, and that's why it's important for the Hypnotherapist to be able to figure out what the person's suggestibility type is, and then speak to the client accordingly.

Working with someone who has experienced a stroke requires maintaining a balance between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, without overstimulating the brain with images in the mind. This allows for clients to bring physical results to the body and recovery to the mind. Creating and stimulating neuropaths and the brains neuroplasticity. Whether we are working with beliefs of health, wellness, illness, or recovery, I work together with clients to bring up the memories that incite motivation and movement. We use Therapeutic Imagery to remove emotional or mental blockages and obstacles to keep the optimism going.

In this Hypno Story, I share the full story about how I came to be a hypnotherapist. I went from being an Executive Assistant in a corporate office to working as a hotel manager, innkeeper, and then hypnotherapist - with some time as an interior designer.

In a very serendipitous weaving of life and events, I found myself studying interior design and then realized it was the wrong kind of interiors I was working on!


Enjoy the story and subscribe to get updates ... we'll see what the next story will be!!

This video is about weight management - not just weight loss.

There are various challenges that people can face when it comes to eating, snacks, cravings, appetites, and portion control.


When clients use Therapeutic Imagery to help manage and overcome these challenges, they are able to reach their goals - whether it's to increase or decrease their weight - because we solve and overcome the problems from the core.

In this video, I explain how hypnosis helps manage anxiety.

Aside from smoking cessation, this is the most requested type of hypnosis session I get from clients both online and in-person.

By incorporating hypnosis, people can learn to remain calm and gain control over situations that would've otherwise caused an anxiety attack.


Discover how hypnosis, therapeutic imagery, and hypnotherapy can help manage anxiety by scheduling a session with me.

Are you wondering how to select a Hypnotherapist? 

There are a few different factors and they may matter more than some to clients.

Is it affordability? Is it location? Is it office hours? Is it the training? How about the voice? 

What matters to you?

In this video, I explain more about what hypnosis is and how people go into hypnosis naturally versus in a therapy session. It leads to the next common question of "is hypnosis dangerous?"

Discussing hypnosis, the processes we create to simplify life and, change habits and behaviors - thus creating hypnosis.


Is Hypnosis really dangerous, or are preconceived notions causing fear of hypnosis and change?

This video goes into detail about the different themes utilized in Therapeutic Imagery and I explain how I use the subconscious imagery that is already within the individual client to help them get through the blocks that regular "talk therapy" might not be able to get through so easily. 

In this video, I discuss why some people respond to direct hypnosis and some people need indirect hypnosis. 

Subscribe to the Hypnosis Haven Channel for the latest videos and information on events and news within Hypnosis Haven offices in New Milford, CT.

Subscribe to the Hypnosis Haven Channel for the latest videos and information on events and news within Hypnosis Haven offices in New Milford, CT.

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