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When you are suffering from an unexpected illness or overwhelmed with the challenges of life, Hypnosis, Therapeutic Imagery, and Hypnotherapy are all-natural options for you. It offers relief, comfort, and control for many people. Our professional approach to Hypnosis includes a 15-minute complimentary consultation, 90-minutes for the first session, and recordings of the hypnotic portion of every session. Clients also receive an informative PDF with notes from the session, information about their hypnotic suggestibility and follow-up suggestions to help reach optimal results.

​You can be assured – I have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care provided.

Smoking Cessation
Hypnosis for Anxiety,
Hypnosis for
Weight Management

When someone is ready to quit smoking, the transition from being a smoker to becoming a non-smoker can be a challenging one. 

Removing the cigarette from life is more than just taking the cigarette out of the daily habit. I work with clients to get to the root cause of why the habit was taken on to begin with, desensitize the associations and help with any other habits that may try to come up to replace the cigarette.

Since everyone's "smoking story" and relationship to the cigarette is different, I offer personalized and specialized smoking cessation programs that include recordings for reinforcement.

The most important factor in a successful program is the client's sincere desire to quit.

Anxiety and hypnosis are the same, except for one characteristic: hypnosis is a pleasurable state within a controlled environment, whereas anxiety is a worried, fearful state within an uncontrolled environment.

When over-activity of the senses takes place, causing extreme receptiveness, the hypnotized subject is guided with positives, while the anxious person is guided by his own negativity.

In sessions, clients learn how to recognize their signs of anxiety and stop the cycles before they become an "attack". 

Hypnosis offers a natural solution to Anxiety.

Using hypnosis for weight management can be a very effective tool in helping clients reach their goals. 

I work with nutritionists, registered dietitians, functional medicine doctors, and physicians to ensure clients are following healthy guidelines for optimal results. 

Hypnosis is used to help clients increase their motivation and stick to their determination. It can be used to control cravings, change eating habits, release negative emotions that may be associated with food and eating, increase the desire to eat healthier, and controlling the appetite. 

Along with dietary changes and shifts in perspectives, we can work to increase motivation for physical activity, create a form of self-care and work to improve the self-image from deep within.

Stroke Recovery
Social Media Addiction
Hypnosis for Children and Teens

When it comes to stroke recovery, timing can be of the essence. 

While clients are seeing their other care providers, adding Hypnosis and Therapeutic Imagery to their wellness and recovery plan can help them in many ways.

With my services, clients can help themselves in regaining an internal sense of balance, controlling outbursts, working through the feelings of hopelessness and defeat, increasing their appetite for better foods, quit smoking if needed, improve their memory recall, regain control of their affected side, and more.

Within the first session, we will know if the client will respond well moving forward, and all progress made by the fourth session is progress that will stay with the client for many years after.

This is an effective way to create new neuropaths and help retrain the brain to do and remember what it used to do. 

Social media has become a big part of life for adults and teens across the globe. While it can be helpful to be informed or stay in contact with family members and friends we might not otherwise get to see, it can get out of hand and become a habit that takes control of life.

Naturally, hypnosis can help with that habit and help people regain control of their time, habits, and ways of interacting with the world via technology.

When you are ready to quit, or significantly adjust your social media usage, consider hypnosis. This series of hypnosis is often requested in conjunction with the "Quit Texting While Driving" hypnosis program as it is very often the overwhelming desire to see what is on the phone that causes drivers to be distracted.

As childhood changes, children and teens find themselves with feelings that were typically experienced in adulthood.

Anxiety, isolation, self-doubt, low self-esteem, stress management, and negative self-talk are just some of the challenges children and teenagers are faced with regularly.

In personal matters, there are also things like picky eating, fear of needles, bed-wetting, nail-biting, teeth grinding, to name a few other topics hypnosis can help with.

In academic pursuits, there is increased focus, study habits, memory recall, test anxiety, clarity for focus on finding a major or discovering a higher purpose in life.

With athletics, there is increase performance and focus for better results.

PTSD & Hypnosis
Hypnosis for Insomnia and Deep Sleep
Hypnosis for 

My approach for working with clients that are experiencing PTSD includes Hypnosis in a restorative and therapeutic environment, Therapeutic Imagery, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra, and Desensitization.

Over time, clients begin to experience a different range of feelings, improve their sleep, develop resilience, and stronger coping skills that will allow them to move forward in life without having to return to the state of mind or the state of reaction that has held onto them for so long.

Insomnia affects more than 3 million people a year. For some people it comes in the form of not being able to fall asleep, for some, it can be waking in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back to sleep. After an extended period of time, experiencing insomnia and other sleep challenges, people can begin to experience Daytime Sleepiness, inability to concentrate, slowness in activity or response time, irritability, depression, headaches, and even weight gain as hormones and digestion are affected.

More than 98 million people in the U.S. alone have prediabetes, many of which are unaware of the fact.

For most, progression can be prevented by changing their lifestyle and relationship to food., things that hypnosis already helps many clients with.

A hypnotic lifestyle intervention can have a beneficial effect on weight, blood pressure, stress management, sugar cravings, diet and exercise.

Clients can experience benefits of the hypnotic process with just three sessions, or hypnotherapy can be applied if there are deeper subconscious obstacles or beliefs that create self-sabotaging tendencies. 

144 ways Hypnosis & Guided Imagery can help
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