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Hypnosis for Stroke Recovery

Hypnosis for stroke survivors is a way to retrain the brain on how to do some of the basic functions of life. In conjunction with physical therapy, clients can find that Mindbody connection that helps them to get through the challenges of recovery. Clients have mentioned they are feeling more patient with themselves, more accepting of the process, and had the pleasure of reliving memories they thought were long gone.

I work to help each client reach their goals and just like with all my services, clients receive a copy of the session so they can reinforce the progress made each week.

Whether it's been a while or recent, if you've survived a stroke, hypnosis can help. 

The findings, described online Dec. 31, 2015, in Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair, show that the “window of opportunity” for recovering motor function after a stroke isn’t permanently closed after brain damage from an earlier stroke and can reopen under certain conditions, in conjunction with rapid rehabilitation efforts.

The progress made from the fourth session onward is said to stay with the clients for the rest of their life.

Sessions can be in-person or online and the benefits are still the same. The number of sessions suggested is 8 to begin and from there we can see how much improvement there has been, the responses made, and what needs further work.

With Hypnosis, clients can:

  • Regain a sense of balance

  • Reduce the numb sensations

  • Gain control, function, and maneuverability of affected side

  • Control impulsive behaviors

  • Move beyond plateaus of progress

  • Improve the process of Physical Therapy

  • Establish new neuropath with Therapeutic Imagery

  • Increase appetite for healthy food

  • Increase motivation for improvement

  • Reduce anxiety and sadness

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