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Teenagers in Nature

Hypnosis for Children and Teenagers

As parents, we all want our children to grow up confident and focused. However, the world around them can sometimes hinder them from realizing their true potential. Distractions, negative self-talk, social media, and other influences may keep them from becoming the amazing adults we hoped for. Beginning hypnotherapy and therapeutic imagery is an effective and natural way to help with these challenges. Children can learn early on not to be overwhelmed by the obstacles that might have kept them stuck in a state of fight or flight.

Ways Hypnosis, Therapeutic Imagery & Hypnotherapy can help

What to expect

When bringing your child, age 4-12, parents are welcomed to stay for the hypnosis and can learn how to help their child regulate and get back into the state of hypnosis for improvement at home, or help them GET OUT of hypnosis if that's the case.

For parents that bring their teens, age 13-17, I will spend more time speaking with the parents first at the intake, then do a separate intake with the teen. Parents are not going to stay with their teen during the hypnotic process unless the teen requests it.

Younger clients can typically stay in hypnosis for about 15-30 minutes, older clients can sustain the state for up to an hour. 

Sessions are typically recommended once a week but can be twice a week for more intensive needs. Recordings are provided and recommended for reinforcement. 

If your child is seeing a psychotherapist, they will need to be notified of our work together before a second session can be had.

Evening and weekend sessions are available.

Hypnotherapy is a short-term therapeutic process that lasts from 3 to 18 sessions depending on the need of the individual and the family.

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