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Hypnosis for Prediabetes

A hypnotic lifestyle intervention can be a powerful tool for those looking to prevent the progression of prediabetes. With just three sessions, clients can experience benefits such as weight management, stress reduction, and improved diet and exercise habits. For those with deeper subconscious obstacles, hypnotherapy can also be applied to address self-sabotaging tendencies.
Clients that use Hypnosis to stop the prevention of prediabetes experience results within the first two weeks with noticeable reduction of stress reaction, weight loss and cravings changed.
This program is designed to be completed in three sessions using more Hypnosis than Hypnotherapy, but there is some time that is spent addressing self-sabotage, relationships or negative self-talk.
For clients that need more time working with the emotional aspect of a lifestyle change, we can add more time for Hypnotherapy.
Smoking may increase insulin resistance and can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. For clients that do smoke, there is the option of adding smoking cessation session to the work at a reduced rate.



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