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Anxiety and Hypnosis: A message from your neighborhood hypnotherapist during a time of crisis.

Years ago, I accepted the position of assistant innkeeper at Turtleback Farm Inn on Orcas Island in East Sound Washington. The San Juan’s. I know it doesn’t seem like much, except that a few years earlier I had said that for my 30th birthday I would like to be on an island with a few close friends, celebrating my birthday and blowing the candles out at sunset.

That’s it.

I cast those words off to the winds and went on living and traveling. Then the year came upon me and there I was, my 30th year, living on an island with a few friends, blowing my candles out at sunset.

Life can be like that. It doesn’t always take a great amount of focus to create the reality you want, but you do have to take some steps to make the vision a reality.

You see, you may not know this, but hypnosis and anxiety are two sides of the same coin. The difference between anxiety and hypnosis is that anxiety is experienced and led with negativity and fear, whereas hypnosis is done with control and positivity.

Within the first 8 years of life, according to Dr. Kappas’ Theory Of Mind, children absorb all experiences and associations are established.

As children grow up they establish the familiar mindset, the “knowns”, as we refer to it. These knowns become the filter and/or gauge by which life is perceived. Associations are created and what may be uncomfortable for one person may be the complete comfortable normal for someone else. Similar to the Freudian “Pain Pleasure Principle”, people will stay within their realm of familiar behaviors in order to avoid the discomfort of the unknown, “painful” experience. This can be something like the physical tension and apprehension becoming anxiety that is felt when entering a new environment.

As we get older, the Critical Mind is established and with that, we develop to varying degrees, what I call our


Decision making skills

Reasoning abilities

Analytical skills

Will power


Interestingly enough, “drawl” means what we intonate, what we speak and all of those abilities influence the way each individual experiences life.

Those abilities are within the conscious mind which is estimated to be 12% of our conscious, cognitive ability, and 88% of our behaviors, habits and responses come from the Subconscious mind.

The twelve percent conscious mind is affected at all moments by things within the Environment which includes - news, television, phone, social media, interactions, weather, jobs, fragrances, etc...

Second is the Body, any discomforts, hunger, aches, tensions or digestion issues.

Then the Conscious mind and the individuals’  “DRAWL” influencing behaviors, actions and responses. Then lastly the Subconscious mind reminding every individual of “how things usually go”.

When the Critical mind is overwhelmed by too many “message units” entering into the 12% mind space, it goes into abeyance. A state of remission, without ownership”.

In doing so, the individual goes into a Primitive Mind, “fight flight freeze” and in the case of modern man, it’s

Fight = Anxiety

Flight = Depression

Freeze = Zone out

The body prepares to react, senses heighten, digestion pauses, heart rate elevates. As the individual looks for the confrontation, upon realizing there is no physical attacker, it creates anxiety and apprehension, a fear of the unknown. In order to overcompensate for this, the body’s parasympathetic nervous system begins to kick in and changes the Fight/Flight response to a slow passive condition where we lose the will to fight and remain still and sleep-like in a depressed, apathetic state until the danger passes.

So when we find out that we cannot fight our attacker, the critical mind is overwhelmed, and we revert to primitive mind, escape mechanisms and become hypersuggestible to negative input. As a result, we overreact to all of our senses and have a loss of tolerance.

... and within that, life continues to take place.

When someone comes in for a hypnosis session, there is a sense of overwhelm because there is so much unknown about the experience. There is a natural fear about losing control for some people, and for others, a deep natural curiosity and sense of wonder. An experienced hypnotherapist can notice the subtle cues within the physical body as a client goes into hypnosis, like their breath becoming rhythmic and deeper.

As the body goes into a deep physical relaxation, the mind continues to be alert and aware of everything I’m saying, and sometimes it drifts to think of other things. Whether or not the conscious mind is listening or not, the subconscious mind is listening and more accepting to suggestions because of the hypersuggestible state that was created during the first portion of the session.

Further into the session, the client’s body experiences a deep comfort and the mind remains alert and focused for solving problems and overcoming mental obstacles or establishing new behaviors, habits and so on. The body becomes accustomed to feeling relaxed and alert while the mind creates associations and new neuropaths establish and strengthen to the new and desired results.

Like the game trails we see along the paths in town, what was once good may not be good enough anymore, so a new path must be created and the more it is walked, the clearer it becomes.

With repetition, the mind and the body become accustomed to the new actions, behaviors and habits. The individual can step out into what was once a feared “unknown” with less apprehension because it has been seen and done repeatedly within the mind.

In hypnosis, clients learn to gain control of their anxiety and establish “stop” mechanisms to center themselves quickly in a more positive state. An inner place for peace and quiet can be established and becomes a “go-to” place in times of need.

Clients learn self-hypnosis and also know when to notice hyper suggestible states, triggers and influences.

Sessions generally last an hour, with the first one being 90 minutes, but during these times, I am offering a reduced rate of $25 for 15-minute online and phone sessions to help bring relief to the community from the comfort and security of home.

I will work with each individual situation to help establish the most effective tools for calmness during these times.

To experience an online or phone session, text 949|534|2836 or email

Yours in hypnosis,

Susana Burns, CHt

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