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About Us

Working with Susana

I'm glad you are here and look forward to working with you.

Before we begin I'd like to let you know what to expect so that when you arrive at the office or log on, we can get right to it.

Booking a Consultation

We always begin with a consultation to make sure that what you need is within my scope of practice and if we need to work with other medical and wellness professionals to help you reach your goals. 

Visit this link to schedule the free 15-minute consultation

The Paperwork Automation

Once we have spoken and have an idea for a course of action, the automation of paperwork and forms will begin. These include:

  • A brochure of services which will allow you to select the type of service you want whether it's individual sessions or prepaid segments of time.

  • A questionnaire for you to fill out that lets me know if you have any aversions, fears, preferences and contact information

  • The Contract which covers the terms, services and explains cancellation policies

  • Next is another "questionnaire" that is for you to print out and fill out by hand. Yes, by hand, not typed. If you can't do that at home, we can do that in the office.

  • Finally is a timeline to let you know what to expect after the first session has concluded. Remember that within a few days after the session, all clients get a PDF with information about the session, their suggestibility type, additional recordings for reinforcement, Dream Therapy script and notes from the session.

The Way Forward

If you are ready to begin your hypnotic journey for life improvement, lets begin with a consultation call.

Have questions?

Do you have questions about hypnosis? Send me a direct email and I will help you.

What People Say

"Since working with you I've noticed that I don't get as overheated as I used to, consequently it helps me to get through other things. I feel more centered and don't have to eat myself to calmness. I feel more accepting and less frustrated. Every day gets easier and I feel like I am coming back to myself."


S. D. - stroke recovery client

"I haven't thought about candy in a while now. The internal monologue is more manageable than it's been in a long time and the omnipresent anxiety isn't as overwhelming as it used to be."


S. W. - Hypnosis for sugar cravings

I came to Susana with sleeping and anxiety issues. I tried any and everything, but nothing worked. After 6 sessions with Susana, my anxiety levels were down and I've had the best sleep in years! I HIGHLY recommend her. After just 3-4 sessions I noticed much improvement too. 


P.M. Insomnia and anxiety client

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