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Hypnosis for Weight Management

Hypnosis for weight management has been a long time “secret to success” for many people because eating is so much more than just the act of consuming food 3 to 5 times a day. There are so many emotions, routines, and beliefs associated with food, that it’s easy to allow the senses and/or our “autopilot” to take control of our decisions. After a while, the result of this type of behavior begins to show and help is needed.


Very often people believe Hypnosis can act as a miracle solution to change a person overnight, but the truth is, that in order for long-lasting healthy weight management to take effect, a new lifestyle has to be created from the inside out.


When I work with clients for weight management, I use a combination of Guided Imagery, Hypnosis, and NLP. The clients and I, alongside with their doctor or registered dietitian go over the goals and once we have a clear plan for the healthy guidelines, we proceed to discover the root causes that are associated with food and the act of eating. We often use hypnosis to increase or decrease cravings or appetites, control sugar and the taste for certain foods.


We work to increase motivation, focus on the goal, maintain determination, create a new self-image, establish a routine and allowing for self-care, increase levels of self-confidence and more.


Our clients who come in for weight management affecting their weight by more than 25 lbs will need a Doctors referral.

The number of sessions will be determined by the client's individual needs, health, goals, lifestyle, personal participation and commitment to the program. Together we work to establish lifelong changes. Sessions work best and are most effective when they are scheduled no more than 10 days apart in the first ten weeks, then they can be spaced out with more time between sessions as progress dictates.

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