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Pregnancy & Birth

Hypnosis & Guided Imagery can help with the challenges of pregnancy and becoming a mother.

It helps with labor and pain-free birth.

Overcoming doubts, and helping change diet habits if needed. 

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Hypnotherapy and Guided Imagery can help you to become more focused on affirming optimistic subconscious beliefs. Connect to inner resilience and reinforce your ability to go forward under any circumstance.

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Salon Sessions

For the client that wants to experience a longer conversational transition into Imagery and Hypnosis without feeling rushed during this relaxing time, the Salon Session may be best. 

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Serenity Sessions

30-Minute sessions in a group setting to give clients a chance to experience Therapeutic Imagery for comfort, relaxation, and more. 


Mommy & Me Imagery

Modules set up with specific goals in mind to help Mothers (and Fathers) with challenges of parenthood.

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