Pregnancy & Birth

Hypnosis & Guided Imagery can help with the challenges of pregnancy and becoming a mother.

It helps with labor and pain-free birth.

Overcoming doubts, and helping change diet habits if needed. 


Mommy & Me Imagery

Modules set up with specific goals in mind to help Mothers (and Fathers) with challenges of parenthood.


Metaphysical Connections

Connecting with timeless images can resonate with clients in a way that allows for transformation without having to face the challenges directly. Clients can move forward with a sense of new possibilities and a renewed perspective.

Every time I make one of these I feel al


Hypnotherapy and Guided Imagery can help you to become more focused on affirming optimistic subconscious beliefs. Connect to inner resilience and reinforce your ability to go forward under any circumstance.

Modern Living Room

Salon Sessions

For the client that wants to experience a longer conversational transition into Imagery and Hypnosis without feeling rushed during this relaxing time, the Salon Session may be best. 

Veil between Past Life and this life

Past Life & Beyond

PLR Sessions are a therapeutic tool used to understand and overcome current symptoms of physical, mental and emotional issues. Often the symptoms experienced have no logical cause, and can seem to be "all in your head". A PLR can help uncover the "root cause" and very often when core issues are revealed and resolved, symptoms may disappear. 

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