Smoking Cessation Program

When clients are ready to quit, Hypnosis and Imagery are very effective tools.


Our approach is not a “one size fits all” because every client has a different relationship to the cigarette and the dynamic of their habit is just as unique.


We work to discover the root for taking on the cigarette, weaken associations based on the “Theory of Mind”, establish new associations towards the goal and manage withdrawal cravings, disruptions, obstacles or other symptoms.


Clients have the option of session length based on their daily nicotine intake. Smokers who consume 10-14 mg a day have a greater chance of quitting after one session, but we have had “pack a day” smokers quit after just one session.

Everyone has a different reason for smoking and eventually, every smoker comes to realize it's time to quit. It has to be a decision made by the smoker, not something to do under duress. 

When you're time has come and you're ready to quit smoking, call me.

Become Smoke-free

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