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You are the authority of your life! 

When you are ready to focus more on strengthening yourself from within, Hypnotherapy and Guided Imagery can help you to become more focused on affirming optimistic subconscious beliefs. You can connect to inner resilience and reinforce your ability to go forward under any circumstance.

By strengthening the subconscious images, your conscious goals become supported and you naturally begin to make the decisions that lead you to your goal with ease.

Every client has a different idea of what "Self Mastery" would entail and therefore, the approach is tailored as such. 

In the initial 90-minute session, we will discuss goals and go over possible obstacles. I will find out your hypnotic suggestibility type and establish your hypnotic depth. From there every hour-long session will be to help shift your perspective, breakthrough negative self-talk spirals, instill determination, bring greater clarity, establish an inner calm, reduce stress or anxiety and whatever is needed to help you move forward.

For optimal results in attaining Self-Mastery using Guided Imagery and Hypnosis, It is important for clients to listen to the recordings provided and do the suggested work between sessions. Fifteen sessions are recommended but results will be noticed sooner than that assuming the client partakes in the work.

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