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Hypnosis for Pregnancy, Labor & Birth

For some women, pregnancy brings on more than just physical changes as life and responsibilities change too.

It's natural to have doubts or questions.


Sometimes expectations, whether self-imposed, traditional or environmentally produced, can create situations of stress, anxiety or sleeplessness.


Cravings for unhealthy foods or difficulty taking prenatal pills can also happen to some women during pregnancy. Maintaining a healthy diet can make a difference in preventing gestational diabetes.

Remaining calm and relaxed can help mothers get correct readings in blood pressure during doctor visits.

Learning self-hypnosis during the pregnancy can help with daily “little things” and anxiety of “modern living”.

By using self-hypnosis during pregnancy, women become more comfortable and confident when using it for labor and birth.


With so many changes going on, it's essential for women to gain a hold of Self-Confidence in the new role as a parent and mother.


With Hypnosis and Imagery, the expectant mother can come to find relief from anxiety, gain a sense of control and step into Motherhood with confidence.

The potential for fear and doubt can be eliminated, bringing forward a more confident and calm approach to labor and birth.


Relaxation lowers stress hormones and helps facilitate contractions. What would have been considered pain can now be perceived as pressure or a "blooming" as the Child comes forth.


Women who have used Hypnosis for Labor and Childbirth have found less of a need to use pain medication during or after birth.

Recovery time can also be reduced and the Mother can begin bonding with her child sooner.


With Hypnosis, the expectant Mother prepares for birth by creating and becoming familiar with a sense of control for managing pain or anxiety.


Mothers who choose to or will need to have a c-section can also benefit from hypnosis for childbirth because we use what it is called “Hypno-anesthesia”, and reduce the need for as much chemical interaction and can help in the healing/recovery process.


We recommend beginning the sessions at 25 weeks for multiples, twins & triplets, and for all others, between 27 and 30 weeks to give yourself time to practice and become comfortable with the hypnotic state and listen to the recordings for reinforcement.

For mothers who need help aligning to the image of motherhood or overcoming challenges, sessions can begin at any time during the pregnancy.


Connect with yourself and discover what is needed during this time.



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