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Complimentary Consultations Available

Are you considering Hypnosis to help you reach your goals in self-improvement, wellness or performance? We can talk about it over a complimentary consultation. 

Whether you are local or on the other side of the globe, we can connect via video streaming options and talk about how Hypnosis, Therapeutic Imagery or Hypnotherapy can help you get the success you are looking to have.

About Hypnosis
About Therapeutic Imagery

Hypnosis and Guided Imagery are ways in which we can help clients create an environment that gives them the ability to overcome some of the challenges in life. It is a heightened state of focus and attention in which the body and conscious mind are in a relaxed, a natural state while the subconscious mind remains very alert and receptive to positive suggestions for change while desensitizing tension or negative beliefs.  


With hypnosis, one can concentrate intensely on a specific thought, memory, feeling, or sensation while blocking out distractions.

This can be used to overcome challenges, release doubts, fears or create new habits, the choice is yours.

Guided Imagery creates an interior space to allow for the subconscious mind to communicate with the conscious mind. With complete mental awareness, clients go on mental journeys of discovery to understand behaviors and overcome challenges from the root cause for lasting change and success in life.

Guided Imagery creates an interior space to allow for the subconscious mind to communicate with the conscious mind. With complete mental awareness, clients go on mental journeys of discovery to understand behaviors and overcome challenges from the root cause for lasting change and success in life. 

With Therapeutic Imagery, clients can bring up images that represent obstacles to overcome them easily, they can manage behaviors better and let go of negative and heavy emotions that keep cycles of behaviors happening.

Connecting clients to a Place, a Wise One and so much more can happen during these sessions.

Hypnosis Haven

Hypnosis Haven

Hypnosis Haven
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