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Every month, season, or when I get a new certification I like to offer promotional rates, packages, or opportunities to be part of my case studies. On this page, you will find these listings. If you are interested in one that may be expired, feel free to contact me to see when it will be offered again.

Past Life Regression, Future Life and Time Between Lives

There is a fine line in time where clients can visit "Past lives" and other timelines while in hypnosis.

The sessions are there to offer an indirect way for resolving current consistent challenges, unexplainable events, or illnesses in life, strong beliefs that have become obstacles, and even recurring dreams. 

PLR sessions are akin to watching a personalized movie that can have a very relative storyline, helping participants gain a further understanding of their challenges or questions.

Example reasons for PLR: 

Why don't I want to get married?

Why can't I ever finish what I start?

What is that haunting dream about?

Why do I have a fear of sailing?

Why am I drawn to Celtic history?

Why do I dislike kids so much?

These sessions are 2.5 to 3 hours long and include a recording of the session for you to revisit.

During the month of October, PLR sessions are available for $250. That's a saving of $200 from the regular price of $450


September Promotion

You're never too young or too old to learn the importance of safe driving. With 3 sessions, you can unlearn the habit of texting while driving and help protect yourself, your community and your future.