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Hypnosis for Modern Living

It’s ironic to think of using an ancient remedy from the days of Imhotep to help what ails us now in 2020.

Yes, hypnosis is nothing new, but it is newly being revisited by the medical field and the public as we search for lasting, more natural solutions to things like pain relief, sleep problems and ever increasing, anxiety.

Anxiety is so similar to hypnosis that having the “ability” to go into anxiety almost certainly guarantees the ability to experience hypnosis in a therapeutic way.

Hypnosis is controlled anxiety.

The difference between having a spiral, out of control, sense like in an anxiety attack, in hypnosis, you are in control. In sessions clients learn how to remain calmer and calmer until it becomes a natural place of response and less reaction. Clients can come to associate a calm body and mind with their breathing or other mental anchors so they can use the same techniques outside of sessions and in everyday life.

Some of the benefits of learning hypnosis is to help manage pain, quit Smoking, control behaviors, overcome fears and more. Parents can benefit in many ways from pregnancy to birth and beyond. Children and teens can use hypnosis for overcoming social anxieties, fear of tests, public speaking, lunch anxieties, bed-wetting, studying, test prep, fear of needles, and now even vaping cessation.

Some special programs I’ve created to save time and stay focused on the goal include Smoking Cessation, Hypnosis to quit texting while driving, and Quit Social Media. These programs can be completed in 3 hours happening over one day or 3 individual sessions.

I welcome you to sign up for my newsletter to receive updates on new promotions and studies in hypnosis. And within this blog I hope to inform you of all things hypnosis and how you can apply it in life.

Yours in hypnosis,


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