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A Past Life Regression (PLR) is an "exercise in observing the subconscious memories". 

The reasons clients want to experience a PLR are varied, but for all clients who have not experienced a hypnotic session, it is recommended to have an "intro to hypnosis" session before having a PLR so they can tell the difference between a hypnotic state and regular consciousness.  PLR sessions are generally three hours long whereas a "regular" hypnosis session is 45 minutes to an hour. 

Some questions or observations people have before coming in for a session are:

  1. Are you "wise beyond your years", or have been called an "old soul"

  2. Do you have a desire for exploring past lives which is much more than a simple curiosity?

  3. Do you have a life-long fascination with a particular time period in history?

  4. Have you ever had dreams set in the distant past that seem too real to be mere dreams? Or wake up feeling you are somewhere else or someone else?

  5. Do you have any persistent illnesses, ailments or other health issues that your doctor cannot find a physical cause for or tells you "it's all in your head"?

  6. Do you suffer from a phobia or irrational fear that has no obvious root cause?

  7. Do you sometimes have access to knowledge from the past that you could not have acquired in your present life?

  8. Do you have a strong interest in another culture?

  9. Do you feel drawn to a specific location in which you have no conscious connection?

  10. Do you have a strong love for antiques and historical buildings?

  11. Is there a piece of music that stirs your emotions with a longing for another place or era?

  12. Do you feel negativity towards someone without understanding why you don't like them?

  13. When you were a child, did you demonstrate abilities or have knowledge that was unusual for your age?

  14. As a child, did you ever refer to another home or family?

  15. Do you suspect that you deserve more than you have, or that your present circumstances have been determined by something beyond your influence?

  16. Are you distrustful of certain people and fearful or your safety and security even though there is no logical reason for your anxiety? 

What is the session like?

A journey to a past or future life is not like reading a storybook that starts from beginning to end, sometimes, clients come to a moment in the life that may be a "Key Moment", and much like watching a movie, the client is in control and can pause, rewind or fast forward the moments to discover what it is that needs to be known.

Clients have the option of being "the observer" and can have a sense of what is going on as they "re-live" the events, they can view it on a movie screen or they can float above or stand to the side of the person in the past life.

The benefits of experiencing a PLR session with a Certified Hypnotherapist is that before we end the session, I help clients release any negativity or pain they have experienced in the past life and replace it with a greater understanding of lessons learned. 

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